My First Every Blog Post

Rose Weddings Ltd was founded by Michelle & myself (Owen) in 2011 after our own experiences when we married for our second time each in November 2010. The business we used for balloons & chair covers handed us a receipt for the cash we paid on a torn paper bag. The wedding car Michelle wanted to use changed his price when she was confirming the booking and in the end we walked away & used another business that was a better price & turned out the driver was known to Michelle. The location we used was very complicated & took some negotiation to agree the price and our Photographer -lets not go there as we paid a reasonable price & the results were appalling. On our Honeymoon we contemplated an offer we had from the car company we used as he was wanting to sell up & retire. Sadly the money he was asking for was way out of our capabilities so we pushed the idea aside. However it wasn't long before Michelle & I came back to the subject as we both wanted a change of career for many different & personal reasons. We collected together some money & sold my classic MG car that I had restored & we took a risk buying one car on eBay resulting in a mammoth public transport journey to South Wales to collect it & drive it home. If I add that it was February & it is convertible you can imagine the 6 hour journey we then endured to drive it home -freezing cold plus the fuse on the wipers blew half way home. Michelle had booked training from the National Balloon Association too and already quit her job so small balloon jobs were our first adventure into party decorations followed by handmade chair covers for Michelle's best friend Silver Wedding anniversary which also featured our second car, a Daimler DS Limousine. All of this before the summer of 2011